iswex Messenger

iswex Android Messenger is an Android chat application for iswex social network.

Users can chat together on their cell phones with our messenger, the chat is fast, easier, and fun, the transmission depends on your internet connection at 4G the delivery is within 0.3 milliseconds. The iswex Messenger already works fast and reliable with a 2G internet connection.

The iswex Messenger is simple to use, secure, and is updated regularly.

Messenger features:
- Audio/video call.
- Send, receive messages.
- Full group chat system
- Find nearby users with GPS
- Registration pages and steps.
- Share & upload pictures.
- Send voice messages.
- Offline access to all messages and latest conversions.
- Update chat status.
- Explore new users & friends.
- Control your privacy.
- Control your settings.
- Change profile information.
- Explore user profiles and statuses.
- Block Users

No data is shared or tracked with third parties, iswex Messenger is standalone and has no third party applications that can be read by third parties. The messenger is hosted on our own server and cannot be tracked by third parties, so the privacy of the users is perfectly protected. The iswex messenger is free and ad-free, there is no collection of your personal data. The messenger has no hidden tracking or AI applications installed in the background!

The iswex messenger has many great features and is allowed for use from 13 years!

iswex stands for the protection of personal data! Both the website and all apps and products we create are subject to strictest scrutiny, far beyond the guidelines of Google Play or other app providing services, to protect users' data and maintain our image.

When using it, charges from your internet provider may apply, please check with your provider. The iswex Messenger is designed for Internet connections ( 2G/3G/4G/LTE/5G and WLAN ) 6G has been tested in China, but is not yet available in Europe.

If you do not like the iswex Messenger, delete your account and you will receive an email confirming the deletion of ALL your data. There will be no sustainable data storage. You do not need to contact support to confirm the deletion. The system destroys all data when an account is deleted. Of course you are welcome to send us questions or suggestions for improvement by mail, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your iswex Team

iswex Messenger App